MPP Statement against ABS-CBN Shutdown

We, the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino, stand along with our colleagues in the academe, cultural workers, and actors, and strongly denounce the shutdown of ABS-CBN that might lead to the loss of cultural heritage as represented by the films curated and restored by ABS-CBN Digital Archives group.

We believe that all broadcast media organizations, including ABS-CBN, are partners in engaging the public by providing the platforms for film education, cultural heritage awareness and preservation, and the creative transmission of knowledge into popular forms such as films and TV programs. We stress the importance of a well-maintained film archive and careful film restoration, both of which the government has struggled to effectively accomplish.

Almost half a century ago, we woke up and saw blank screen and heard static on our TV sets and radios. We bemoaned such irreparable loss and our inevitable illiteracy. We stand now with the workers of ABS-CBN as we all face these same formidable obstacles to our enlightenment. We believe these obstacles are by no means insurmountable.

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